Enhancing Customer and Player Choice with Responsible Gameplay

Responsible Gameplay (RG) is core to our values and mission to ‘bring joy to life through the power of play’. Our customers and players are the heart of everything we do, and our talented individuals continuously work hard to provide industry leading entertainment experiences, every day without compromising on responsible gameplay.

So, you might be wondering what exactly is Responsible Gameplay? At Aristocrat, we characterise Responsible Gameplay by the following criteria:

  • The player is playing for pleasure or entertainment.
  • The player is exercising control over their play, and any associated spending; and
  • The play activity occurs in balance with other activities in their lives.

Responsible Gameplay is important to us so that’s why we’ve worked hard to create innovative initiatives that continue supporting our customers in their RG efforts. Annually, we have shared our sustainability disclosures  that are designed to provide updates around the environmental, social, and governance issues that are considered most relevant and meaningful to our business and stakeholders.  Our disclosures share the progress we’ve made with RG and our efforts in assisting venues.

Want to know how you can advocate for RG in your venue? We’ve launched a series of player information videos to help players make informed choices and bust myths in the industry such as ‘how bets work’, ‘odds of winning a jackpot’ and ‘return to player ’ with more videos in the pipeline. You’re welcome to leverage this resource and download these videos from The VIPortal so that you can assist in educating the community by displaying videos on in-venue TV’s for your players. It is our commitment to continuously assist our customers in strengthening their venue RG measures and community commitments.

We have a strong reputation for our investment and testing of voluntary features that are aimed at empowering players and supporting our RG commitments.  In NSW, we’ve recently launched our new RG initiative FlexiPlay; the first tool of its kind in the market. FlexiPlay was launched in Cash Fortune, our latest standalone progressive game family and helps players to voluntarily manage their spend and time on gaming machines. It provides a suite of practical tools that can be useful to all players such as the Piggy Bank and the Timer. Learn about how FlexiPlay works in the below video.

Another innovative RG tool that is available to our customers to implement is Pre-Commitment. This functionality is embedded on our system, S7000 which is available in NSW and ACT, giving patrons the options to opt-in and set their own loss limits. Players can choose either 1, 7 or 30 days of tracking and also offers the option to lock the machine and/or exclude a patron from playing if limit has been reached.

Our RG portfolio is growing with Aristocrat also in the process of developing enhanced voluntary limit setting tools as part of our digital wallet technology. App-based payments modernization technology with accompanying RG functionality is expected to be trialed first in NSW in 2021.

One of our most fundamental obligations is upholding and promoting Responsible Gameplay. It’s a major way that we continue to deliver our company mission to ‘Bring Joy to Life through the Power of Play’ and is a tangible demonstration of our ‘Good Business, Good Citizen’ value. We also believe it’s key to ensuring we can continue to grow our business, attract and retain great talent, and promote a sustainable games industry that’s welcomed in the community.

For more information on our sustainability disclosures, please visit our website on https://www.aristocrat.com/sustainability/responsible-gameplay/. To access our range of player information videos, please log into your VIPortal.