3 things to consider when purchasing non-traditional gaming machines

It’s exciting to be a part of an industry that is transforming at a faster rate than ever. Technology has advanced rapidly leading to more choice than ever before for Gaming Managers.

Over the past 5 years, there has plenty of new cabinets released to the market including 5 Aristocrat cabinets during this period of time alone. The question of whether to invest in non-traditional gaming machines has become more prominent than ever. Here are 3 things to keep in mind when considering introducing a non-traditional style of gaming machine.

Floor Space:

Can you physically fit a non-traditional EGM in your venue whilst keeping the area functional? Venue floor space should be the first consideration when evaluating whether to purchase a non-traditional gaming machine. Many of the unique cabinets out in the market can take up a larger footprint than traditional gaming machines. As a general rule, we recommend allowing 2.25m² per machine.

We understand that not every venue has the capability to accommodate large EGM units. That’s why we offer a non-traditional cabinet with the same footprint as our standard gaming machines. Our Helix XT™ offers a seamless portrait gaming experience but won’t take up any more space than the traditional Helix machines. Lucky for you, this means you won’t need to invest in new bases as the Helix XT will fit on your existing bases (Dimensions: 647mm (w) x 635mm (d)).

Ceiling Height:

We’ve seen an emerging trend among manufacturers building tall top machines as opposed to the more traditional casino top machines. When purchasing these machines, it’s important to take into consideration the height of your venue ceilings and the height of your existing bases. In some cases, these tall top machines simply won’t fit due to low ceiling height.

Even for venues that are blessed with higher ceiling heights, it’s important to consider the placement of non-traditional gaming machines as placing them next to a standard machine may look odd. For these machines to stand out as a point of difference on your gaming floor consider purchasing a full bank for the middle of your floor. Alternatively, up against the wall is also a very effective placement of these machines.

To accommodate venues with smaller ceiling heights we offer our Helix XT cabinet with and without toppers. A Helix XT with a 27” topper stands at 1984mm and without a topper is 1589mm.

Game support:

Now that you’ve checked if these machines can fit in your venue, you want to ensure that you are spoilt for choice with game support titles. Having a wide range of game support titles will make the purchase of non-traditional gaming machines more feasible and help mitigate the risk of outlaying a large sum of money on a cabinet.

We’ve adopted a multi cabinet strategy whereby, our games are available on multiple cabinets across both our portrait and landscape offerings. Our Helix XT has a roadmap of extensive support titles for all markets to ensure you have the best game on your floor, at all times.

For more information about our cabinet range and what will suit your venue, please reach out to your Aristocrat sales representative.