What every small gaming room needs

It’s no secret that making the purchasing decision for a small gaming room can prove quite difficult with so many great games available. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with choice, particularly around tradeshow time when all the games are new!

One of the challenges is trying to provide the biggest variety of games for your patrons with only limited space and licenses. A solution to this common challenge would be to introduce or increase the number of multi games on to your gaming floor. Offer your player’s a variety of game play experiences with multiple games and denominations, all in the one cabinet.

Multi game allows you to combine more traditional titles with newer games so players are able to have a variety of entertaining experiences. Multi games come in all shapes and sizes these days; with jackpots, without jackpots, configurable game packs, high, medium and low denominations… the combinations are endless.

Aristocrat is the leader in the multi game space offering packs that afford venues large and small to optimise the space on their floors and are suitable for both indoor and out in either high or low denominations areas. Particularly our Player’s Choice™ range brings variety and flexibility to all venues. Player’s Choice packs include a selection of classic Aristocrat games with multi denomination and game play styles.

Our latest innovation in the multi game space is Player’s Choice Opal Edition. This multi game offers operators more choice than ever before with 10 different game titles available in 7 unique packs in NSW. Player’s Choice Opal Edition took over 2 years to develop and is available in Helix™, Helix+, Helix XT and Arc™.

For our customers in Queensland, Victoria and New Zealand clubs, Player’s Choice Emerald Edition is the latest solution for the multi game segment. Player’s Choice Emerald Edition affords player’s the choice of up to 8 different titles and player selectable multi denomination. This innovative multi game includes a selection of classic Aristocrat games and brand new content.

If you’d like more information about how we can support you in optimising your gaming room, please reach out to your Sales representative.