Our technology keeps casinos around the world on top of their game.

Aristocrat’s casino management systems give you the real-time business insights you need to make smart decisions. As one of the world’s leading providers of gaming technology, we’re constantly developing new and innovative systems to help you streamline the management of your casino and improve business performance.

Our systems integrate seamlessly with third-party applications and offer a huge range of modules that can be tailored to your needs, including marketing, promotions, memberships, loyalty, operations and casino floor management. We’re also committed to promoting responsible gaming, which is why our System 7000™ has advanced harm minimisation features to help players stay in control.

Whether you have just a few machines or thousands, our systems can be scaled to the size of your business, with the flexibility to grow and change as you do. Of course, we know things don’t always to go plan, which is why our service and support teams are available to give you a hand and deliver the great service we’re known for, whenever you need it.

Visit our regional sites to learn more about Aristocrat systems in your local market, or contact us for more information.

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Aristocrat’s award-winning Oasis 360™ is the most widely used casino management system in North America. It’s designed to integrate seamlessly with hundreds of different gaming devices, giving you the power of choice.

Oasis 360™ contains a rich portfolio of incredibly dynamic, flexible and open-platform technologies that allows your casino to:

  • connect your brand with players, in the casino and out in the world
  • enhance player loyalty, creating anticipation and excitement
  • create marketing incentives that extend your brand beyond the casino
  • use business intelligence to manage gaming operations and meaningfully reward players
  • monitor an exhaustive list of game, player and security events in real time
  • easily integrate Oasis 360™ with third-party applications
  • adapt to and even predict the changing needs of your casino, with the ability to scale your solution, your way
  • deliver faster performance, with dedicated service and support
  • join Aristocrat as a valued partner and benefit from our 60 years of industry experience.

If you’re looking to connect and engage with your customers in the casino and out in the world, the Oasis 360™ is the industry’s most complete solution.

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Aristocrat’s System 7000™ is a casino management system comprised of highly-flexible workflow and gaming management modules that integrate seamlessly across your business. It allows you to expand and deepen your relationships with customers, better service your guests and improve the performance of your gaming operations. Modules include:

  • Cash Desk
  • Membership
  • Player Tracking
  • Marketing
  • Credit Control
  • EGM Management
  • Casino Security

The System 7000™ family includes System 7000 PRIME™, System 7000 eCo™ and System 7000 Atom™. Each product offer a range of powerful features, supported by strong processes and the backing of the Aristocrat team, to help you enhance the profitability of your gaming business.