Aristocrat Brings Multi-game, Multi-denom Dreams to Life in Powerful New M*Series™

Three Exciting Themes Each Contain Six Player-favorite Games in a Player-selectable Format

Casinos of all sizes can stop dreaming. That’s because Aristocrat has brought the dream of multi-game, multi-denom games to life in the incredible new M*Series™.

M*Series is an exciting collection of games engineered specifically for core and jackpot players, where players will find six of their favorite titles like Buffalo Deluxe™, 5 Dragons Diamond Edition™ and Big Red™ all in one machine.

MSeries was created to help casinos of all sizes make the big play today. Venues with limited floor space will appreciate MSeries’ ability to provide six games in one machine, instantly increasing variety without increasing floor space. Casinos of all sizes will appreciate how M*Series provides an easy opportunity to transition players from lower denom play to higher denom play.

Each machine in the MSeries comes complete with six games, and every game is a player-favorite classic – proven titles with original math models. Adding to the fun, each game in the MSeries features a multi-level standalone progressive jackpot, and all games are player-selectable multi-denom.

“With M*Series, we have taken player fun and operator profit potential to the next level. We have created an exclusive series of our top proven-performing core games, and packaged them in three exciting collections,”

said Aristocrat Vice President of Marketing & Product Strategy Matt Primmer.

“For casinos with limited floor space, MSeries is the perfect way to instantly increase variety without expanding the floor,” he adds. “For all operators, MSeries’ player-selectable denomination creates an easy pathway for players to chart their own course for rewards. We are confident our operator partners and their players will enjoy the versatility and personalized experience M*Series delivers.”

M*Series comes to the casino floor with three exciting themes: Player’s World™ Diamond, Player’s World™ Sapphire and Gold Star™. Each series features strong anchor games to draw players in.

• Player’s World™ Diamond Edition is packed with player-favorite titles: 5 Dragons Diamond Edition™, Lucky 88 Diamond Edition™, Buffalo Deluxe™, Big Red™, Dollar Bear™ and Super Bucks IV™

• Player’s World™ Sapphire Edition sparkles with 5 Dragons Sapphire Edition™, 50 Dragons Deluxe™, Timber Wolf Deluxe™, Fortune King Deluxe Sapphire Edition™, Big Red Deluxe™ and Black Panther™

• Gold Star™ Multigame is super-charged with E*Series adventure, including Sky Rider™ – Golden Amulet™ & Silver Treasures™, Moon Maidens™ – Mona™ & Selene™, Magic Flower™ – Secret of the Golden Flower™ & Seduction of White Peony™

MSeries is the latest addition to Aristocrat’s collection of games, which includes the CSeries of core games, ESeries of entertainment-style games and JSeries of jackpot-driven games.

For more information about M*Series or any of Aristocrat’s exciting new games, contact your sales representative at (702) 270-1000.

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