The growing trend in Australian Clubs

Looking for a point of difference for your gaming floor? We’ve seen an emerging trend in venues across the country who are building spaces dedicated to multi bank themes. This is an extremely effective way for venues to enhance the player experience and maintain a competitive edge.

Due to the longevity in both the Lightning Link™ and Dragon Link™ ranges, these products lend themselves to creating dedicated multi bank themes appropriately labelled Lightning Lounge’s and Dragon’s Lounge’s. These dedicated multi bank themes create atmosphere, communal play and theatrics around these successful products.

To create these really unique experiences for their patrons, the venues have applied thoughtful banking strategies, strong branding, unique signage, and internal promotions. These destination areas come to life with combination of infill artwork and integrated signage solutions with bespoke graphics. Check out the impressive Dragon Link destination area that the team at Twin Towns Services Club created. Remarkably, this installation includes 20 Dragon Link titles and 14 Dragon Cash titles.

Before you get carried away and start designing your very own dedicated multi bank themed area it’s so important to select a theme based on market trends. It’s also worth having a chat to the manufacturer of the game family to ensure that they are committed to offering mid-long term support for the product range. The last thing you want to do is invest money in a dedicated themed area that you’ll need to switch out in 3 to 6 months’ time.

HRG Studios, the creators of Lightning Link, have been busy on working on more Lightning Link and Dragon Link support titles. Check out the latest Lightning Link games, Eyes of Fortune™ and Magic Totem™.

For more information about how we can support you in building your very own Lightning Lounge or Dragon’s Lounge, please reach out to your Sales representative.

Twin Towns Services Club, NSW.