Measuring up a Gaming Room

There is no magic formula to gaming room design given the moving parts and variables that make a gaming room ‘work’ and any variable beneath that. Whether you are a devotee of Bill Friedman’s principles (maze, product as décor, low ceilings), Roger Thomas’ approach (don’t confuse, open barn approach) or a mix of every theory you have heard, the secret is to use inputs from others but forge your own approach. What works in one venue won’t necessarily work in another, before you even take into account size and locale.

So, what are some constants in the world of gaming design for Clubs and Pubs in Australia? Leaving design elements and product aside, what are some low-level constants you can check your own gaming room against to make sure you are in the ballpark? In our experience and observations, we’ve found the following tips to work rather well:

Average Machine Age

Average machine age – the goal here is 1,900 days. To get that number, list today’s date in Excel and subtract the install date for each machine. Total that number across the whole installation and divide by 365 and the number of total machines to arrive at an average number of machines. If you are North of 1,900, you may want to have a look at other venues in the area to see where you come up short.

Machine Distance and Spacing

Two numbers to check on here, the first is to aim for one machine every 2.5 sqm across the whole area to avoid crowding. Secondly, banks should be absolutely no less then 2.2m apart as measured from base to base.

Privacy Screens

This can be tricky, but some simple numbers will ensure you don’t go too far wrong. Height should be 1,400mm to ensure the top box and most people can’t peer over the top. Width should extend 400mm from the edge of the machine button panel, while the transparency should a visibility range of 35% to 50%.

Cash Redemption Terminals

A player convenience product that assists in areas where staff do not frequent. A base level expectation is one CRT per 70 EGMs.

The approach to gaming room design is as unique as it is different, but you may limit mistakes on some of the broader areas by understanding the playing environment. We hope the tips and suggestions above help point you in the right direction to create a floor design that works for your venues unique needs.