Keeping Your Machine Clean

Proper cleaning of your gaming machines has never been more important. With gaming lounges opening around the country, it is important that we all practice a high level of cleanliness.
Player entertainment in your venue requires keeping your customers safe while playing. Proper cleaning and maintenance of your gaming machines are just as important as getting it serviced by your technician. When your EGM is not cleaned and maintained effectively you risk the longevity of your machines, therefore effecting your potential revenue.

To avoid this, we’ve put together some helpful tips to ensure your machines stay clean and whilst ensuring the health of your players, staff members and your machines!

A gaming cabinet includes a variety of materials and finishes which makes it challenging to approve specific alcohols or ammonia-based products that clean but not damage every surface.
The use of ammonia and alcohol-based cleaning can have adverse effects and result in damage to cabinet materials and painted surfaces.
TIP: We recommend the use of soapy water, glass cleaner, and/or a cleaning solution that is ammonia-free and alcohol-free along with non-abrasive cleaning material (cloth) to clean the external surfaces of an EGM.

Applying cleaning solutions directly on your EGM may result in liquids seeping into any of the sealed surfaces of the cabinet which is not covered by warranty.
TIP: Apply the cleaning solution to a non-abrasive cloth and then use the cloth to clean the required surface.

TIP: For a disinfectant to be effective,  the solution may need to remain wet for a specific timeframe – please refer to your cleaning solution directions for this.

Following a proper cleaning structure can be difficult at first, however this will prevent contamination and deterioration of machines and keep it running in peak condition.

If you have any questions, regarding the above, please contact your BDE for more information.

Happy Cleaning!